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Chinese Cuisine     - Nyonyan Cuisine      - Penangites

Chinese Cuisine    -- Menu

Chinese Cuisine symbolizes comfort and tradition. Of course, our taste have become much more sophisticated than those simpler times. Instead of the ubiquitous "chop suey" and "egg rolls", we now enjoy mouthwatering delicacies that reflect regional variations in preparation and cooking methods. The diversity in regional styles brings to light an interesting fact: it is not the specific ingredients that give Chinese cuisine its distinct character. No doubt factors such as scarcity of arable land have influenced the Chinese diet. But throughout the centuries the Chinese have also shown a willingness to adopt foreign foods. What makes Chinese cuisine truly unique is the balance of ingredients. A proper Chinese meal always contains an equal division of fan (rice), grain and starches, meat and vegetables.

The principles of Chinese cuisine that make it unique "the balancing of ingredients, the harmonious color combinations and satisfying contrast in tastes and textures" were established thousands of years ago, and are still practiced today.